The widgets in the telegram reveal the defect of iOS 14

The widgets in the telegram reveal the defect of iOS 14

The outflow of WhatsApp users is certainly pleasing to the competition. It is enough to recall the situation with Signal, which in mid-January scored a giant increase in the number of downloads on Android. The influx of new users was so large that at some point the messenger stopped working properly - problems with verifying registration or sending messages were caused by overloaded servers. Telegram has also become an object of interest, the more so that recently announced, among others. the ability to transfer conversation history from other messengers - including WhatsApp. So you can easily move to a more convenient alternative, together with friends and conversations with them.

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Telegram, however, has no intention of slowing down. In recent hours, a new messenger update has appeared in the App Store and Google Play, introducing some cool solutions affecting the convenience of using the application. Telegram allows you to permanently delete messages - they will disappear from the chat, including the recipient. Now, additional options appear in the messenger. The new tool allows you to set a time period after which messages for all participants will be automatically deleted after 24 hours or 7 days after sending. Automatic deletion applies only to messages that will be sent after setting the timer.

Automatic deletion of new messages in Telegram messenger. How to enable?

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To enable the timer on Android, select the ⋮ menu and go to Clear History, then select the duration. For iOS, you need to hold the message, select Select > Clear chat (top left) and Enable auto-delete.

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There have also been changes to groups and channels, mostly to invite new members. Along with the main invite link, group owners and channel admins can create links with a limited duration, number of uses, or both. Each of them can be saved in the form of a QR code for quick scanning on another device. Numerous groups that are approaching the 200,000 limit users can convert them into so-called broadcast groups. Their characteristic feature is the ability to send messages only by admins. However, their community can participate in voice chats.

Widgets in iOS 14 on the example of Telegram messenger. Apple still has a lot of work to do

Widgets in iOS 14 are a really cool feature that could be even better - if Apple allows it. Static widgets that update every 5 minutes may be nice to look at, but in most cases they may not be practical. The limited frequency of refreshing them is, of course, caused by taking care of the good of the user and his device. Apple explains this by the fact that each update of the widget content is an additional load on the battery. The remark is right, but in the fight against Android, iOS widgets lose, which is shown, among others, by situation with Telegram. Widgets on a smartphone with the Google operating system show chats in real time, and on the iPhone or iPad changes in chats appear with a considerable delay. Perhaps this will change with the release of iOS 15 - but we have to wait a few more months for that.

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