With the new update you will check if your iPhone has been repaired with original parts

With the new update you will check if your iPhone has been repaired with original parts

Today's smartphonesare hermetically sealed and require specialized tools to open. Combined with the complicated construction, it makes self-repair of mobile devices difficult and unprofitable. In the event of a fault, it is much better to go to the service center. Unfortunately,authorized repair shops charge a lot for their services. Much better prices can be found on unofficial sites. However, in this case, we can never be sure that the parts used will be original. Apple will introduce a tool to check this in the next update.


Apple has shared a document explaining that iOS 15.2 will introduce the ability to see which parts of your device are genuine. If someone did not give their iPhone for repair and bought it in an official store, then certainly all components will be marked as "original". The latest update will add a tab in the phone information where you can check whether parts from unofficial distribution or manufactured by another company were used during the repair. The iPhone will display information that the component is "genuine" or "unknown". We will see this second information if the replaced part is not original, has already been implemented in another iPhone or does not work properly.

With the new update you will check whether your iPhone has been repaired with genuine parts

With the iOS 15.2 update, Apple is preparing to launch a new design. The Cupertino giant has previously announced that it intends to launch aSelf ServiceRepair program that aims to simplify the repair of iPhones. Thus, Apple will introduce genuine spare parts, repair manuals and necessary tools for sale.

Self Service Repair could drive iPhone repair prices down as unauthorized repair shops will also have access to original components. The new iOS feature will make it possible for the user to check whether he has been scammed.

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