Android 11 at Samsung Galaxy S10.The update to One UI 3 is now available in Poland

Android 11 at Samsung Galaxy S10.The update to One UI 3 is now available in Poland

ARKADIUSZ STANDO• 11 months ago• 5 comments

In early January, Samsung rolled out and then rolled back the Android 11 update for the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones. On February 1, the ability to update smartphones to the latest version of the system was restored.

The previously withdrawn update caused problems with the camera maintaining focus or the notorious heating of Samsung smartphones. Apparently, the company has already patched all the bugs in the software and from today the owners of Galaxy S10 series models can download the update to Android 11 again. It should be noted that it also includes the January security patches.

From today, Android 11 in Samsung Galaxy S10 models is also available in Poland. The update is being introduced gradually, so it is possible that some will have to wait a while. Our reader Oskar boasted screenshots showing the new update to Android 11 and One UI 3.0. The whole package with Android security weighs 1848.97 MB.

Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy S10. Update One UI 3 is now available in Poland

Samsung has already published the full list of changes available in Android 11 and the One UI 3.0 overlay. Users will find the most novelties in frequently used functions, such as the Start screen or the quick panel. Samsung says they've been visually enhanced to be less distracting and highlight important information.

Samsung also informs that One UI 3.0 will allow to better optimize application performance and consume less energy. The new version of the overlay also has new privacy controls, including one-time permissions.


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