Chrome has a "problem" with privacy settings

By Chrisfugiel

Google Chrome has an option that allows the user after the session to clean cookies and any data that the browser collected.However, it turns out that this function does not always work.

Google Chrome has been offering the "Clear Cookie Files and Data on the Site for some time at the time of closing Chrome".This is a useful option for those who do not want their collected data to be detained by Google.

The function does not work on Google sites

However, it turns out that this function does not work for all sites.Google and YouTube sites were detaining the data even after selecting the option to delete them.It doesn't look like a coincidence.

Chrome ma “problem” z ustawieniami prywatności

Jeff Johnson, developer iOS, discovered the first problem.It concerned version 86.0.4240.75 Chrome.Only the first ones were cleaned using the cleaning function of cookies and data of the website.

photo.Tsahi Levent-Levi,

What data is stored?

Google and YouTube sites, however, use unrelated data from the cache of the site, in which, apart from e.g..Images from the previously visited pages are also "local memory" HTML5, which may contain the user's personal data.Thanks to this, Google can still easily reach the data we want to hide from it.

Google commented on the matter: "We know about the error in the Chrome browser, which affects the way of cleaning cookies in some Google's own sites.We examine the problem and plan to make a correction in the coming days ".

It is interesting that the problem only applies to Google sites.Perhaps it is indeed a "bug" browser, or maybe it is simply a planned operation of the company that we were not supposed to find out.