Here are the full specification and price of Xiaomi 12. I couldn't dream of a better "iPhone 13 with Android"

Here are the full specification and price of Xiaomi 12. I couldn't dream of a better "iPhone 13 with Android"

What will the price of Xiaomi 12 be? Perfect, wonderful and wonderful. The compact flagship is surprisingly cheap, and today we got to know its full specification. It's just impossible not to love him.

Xiaomi 12 will debut in just a few days. For the Polish user, this premiere does not make sense anymore, because today's leak reveals everything, including prices. It is a beautiful, compact and handy flagship that will probably heat up like crazy. I love him anyway.

The compact Xiaomi 12 is thrilling with its specification

Why the iPhone 13 with Android? Well, because both models share sizes, although of course Xiaomi 12 is definitely narrower. Honestly, it is also incomparably better equipped than it. Let's start at least with the screen - there is no note in it, and the panel itself is refreshed at 120 Hz. Apparently, this is an excellent matrix, which the renowned DisplayMate awarded the highest possible rating.

Full specification of Xiaomi 12 / photo Weibo via Gizmochina

Oto pełna specyfikacja i cena Xiaomi 12. Nie mogłem śnić o lepszym „iPhone 13 z Androidem”

Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro - full specification of the dream flagships

The specification includes Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, from 8 to 12 GB RAM and 12 or 256 GB for user data. In such a small housing, there is no chance for good cooling (it is shown, for example, by the Samsung Galaxy S21 and ASUS Zenfone 8). If you are focusing on several hours of gaming sessions, then you probably need to turn to the Pro version.

The battery is perfect for this. Xiaomi 12 has a cell with a capacity of 4500 mAh and can be charged via a cable with a power of 67W. This is great news, and the manufacturer did not save on wireless charging. The iPhone 13 can hide with it, because it loses in every field - including prices.

Xiaomi 12 - what price?

In short - great. Xiaomi 12 in the variant with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB for files costs only PLN 2400. Sure there will be taxes, margins and so on in Poland, but it still shouldn't cost more than the Xiaomi 11T at launch. I'm just looking forward to it - the most powerful version is to have a price of PLN 2,800, it's also great.

A compact phone and a top Snapdragon are usually not the best pair for a demanding user who doesn't like overheating smartphones. However, if you still want something smaller, then the Xiaomi 12X might be the way to go.

You won't hear anything better today: Xiaomi 12X exists! When he arrives in Poland, he will leave

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