How to give a package in the InPost Mobile application?Now you will do it without a label!

How to give a package in the InPost Mobile application?Now you will do it without a label!

Sending parcels has never been so easy! Now, through the InPost Mobile application, you can send a package without printing the label - the whole process will take place from your phone. How to do it? We explain step by step.

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  1. Why do I need the InPost Mobile application?
  2. How to send a parcel in the InPost Mobile application?

Why do I need the InPost Mobile application?

The undisputed position of the leader in transport services that InPost has achieved on the market is largely due to innovation and readiness to reach for solutions that have never been tried before. In InPost, you can also send and receive parcels without the InPost Mobile application, but if you do it regularly, you will certainly appreciate the new functionalities available in its latest version.

What facilities has Inpost prepared for users of the mobile application? These include:

Remote lockbox opening. When you intend to collect or send a parcel, all you have to do is approach the parcel locker and press one button on your phone, and the box will open by itself. No need to touch the panel or wait in line!

Searching for the nearest parcel lockers. Thanks to the map available in the application, you always know where the parcel locker is closest to you.

Package tracking. When you are waiting impatiently for your order to arrive, you can always check on your phone what stage your package is at. Or is it already waiting for you at the nearest parcel locker?

How to send a package in the InPost Mobile application? Now you can do it without a label!

Sending without a label. This is the latest functionality of the InPost Mobile application, thanks to which you will never again have to print labels and waste paper and ink in the printer! Now sending is even easier and just a few simple steps to send a package on the road with an InPost courier. And at any time of the day, 24/7.

How to send a package in the InPost Mobile application?

Step 1 - download and install the application

If you haven't already done so, you will find it in the App Store and Google Play:




Step 2 - pack the package

Don't forget to secure it properly. Make sure that there are no empty spaces inside the cardboard, and if there are any, fill them with, for example, bubble wrap or newspapers. Now measure your package and decide on the appropriate size:

Remember that regardless of the selected size, the package cannot exceed 25 kilograms in weight.

Step 3 - start the broadcasting process in the application.

Open the application on your phone. From any menu, select the "Broadcast" icon in the middle.

Step 4 - Select the package size and type of shipment.

You can choose between sending from a parcel locker to a parcel locker or from a parcel locker to the recipient's home.

Step 5 - Enter recipient details.

Enter name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Step 6 - Select a parcel locker to which the parcel is to be delivered.

A convenient map including Parcel Lockers and PaczkoPunkty will help you choose the most appropriate collection point for the addressee.

Step 7 - Choose a payment method and complete your details.

You have a wide range of possible options: you can pay with BLIK, Visa or Mastercard payment card and using the Dotpay online payment system. The payment will be credited the same second you approve it. Then you will receive a 9-digit shipping code and a QR code, which will also come to you by e-mail. And that's it - you don't have to print any documents or stick anything on the prepared package.

Step 8 - Time for a trip!

Together with the phone with the InPost Mobile application and the prepared package, go to the nearest Parcel Locker or PaczkoPunkt.

Step 9 - scan the QR code or enter the shipping code in the Paczkomatu reader

Scan the previously received QR code in the Paczkomatu reader. An alternative is to select the "I have a shipping or return code" option and enter the 9-digit shipping code manually.

Step 10 - Place the package in the locker.

After entering or scanning the code, a locker will open in which you must place the package. Don't forget to close the locker door.

And that's it! The package is on its way to its new owner. You can monitor its route in the InPost Mobile application. Can there be an even simpler way to conveniently send parcels? Be sure to check out the latest feature offered by InPost.

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