Samsung Galaxy S21 5G - Small is the best?We tested the basic variant of the flagship

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G - Small is the best?We tested the basic variant of the flagship

The Galaxy S21 smartphone series debuted in January this year, and the most attention was caught by the largest and best -equipped Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G model.For many fans of the brand, however, the basic model, Galaxy S21 5G, may be much more interesting.It is small, handy and contains the best features of the new line.Are the worse too?

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is currently available for around 3500-3800 PLN (although it started from a higher ceiling), while his larger brothers are associated with an expense by one thousand or even PLN 1,500 larger.Even this reason may lead to the choice of the cheapest variant, which, despite the relatively affordable price, offers functions known from higher models.However, demanding users are not only guided by the price, so they will see what the Galaxy S21 5G still has his sleeve.

Technical data

Kup teraz - zapłać później
styczeń 2021 169 g, 7.9 mm grubości
8 GB RAM128 GB, (opcje: 256 GB)LTE do 2000Mbpsod 5290,00 zł na 12 Mpix + 12 Mpix + 64 Mpix + 10 Mpix
6.2" - Dynamic AMOLED (1080 x 2400 px, 424 ppi)
Exynos 2100, 2,90 GHzAndroid v.11.0
4000 mAh, USB-C Zobacz pełną specyfikację telefonu Samsung Galaxy S21

What is in the set and what is missing?

The Galaxy S21 series has not yet shown on the market, and has already gained bad fame for the lack of a charger.And in fact, when choosing any phone from this line in the store, you also need to plan to buy this accessory.Of course, you can use any charger from another smartphone, but not everyone will allow you to use the quick charging provided by the Galaxy S21.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G – mały jest najlepszy? Przetestowaliśmy podstawowy wariant flagowca

In addition to the phone, in a black, fairly flat box, the buyer will find a data transmission cable with a USB C tip, SIM card key and short printed documentation.So it is extremely modest for a smartphone from a flagship series.

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