Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - everyone will choose something for themselves

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - everyone will choose something for themselves

Today, a smartwatch is one of the most popular gadgets - it allows us to track our training, helps in traveling and generally - makes life easier. At its conference, Samsung showed new models that will certainly be one of the best devices of this kind this year - the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - to choose from, to color

In the case of the Samsung smartwatch series, in 2021, we received 4 new models - Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 LTE, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE - each in two case sizes. What distinguishes them from their predecessors? First of all - new smart watches work on a different operating system. Tizen from Samsung has been replaced here with WearOS from Google, which was an important part of this year's giant's conference. For us, users, this means better integration with Google services such as maps or YT Music, but, probably above all, access to Google Pay. Samsung watches will finally be able to pay in Poland.

This also means e.g. easier installation of applications on the watch using the Play Store. The screen has also changed. Now it has a 25 percent higher resolution, thanks to which the image on the dial will be much sharper, it has as many as 244 levels of brightness and can automatically control this brightness.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - everyone will choose something for yourself

The watch has also gained faster charging and increased battery capacity. 361 mAh in the larger model and 247 in the smaller one. This is to allow up to 40 hours of work on the screen on.

If we're talking about work - Galaxy Watch 4 has gained new sensors. In the new Samsung watches we will find ECG electrodes, BIA measurement electrodes and the Samsung BioActive sensor (PGG+EKG+BIA) thanks to which the measurements of health functions are to be even more accurate.

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Finally, the new gadget will be able to work better with a smartphone (including controlling the camera or operating Buds headphones), it will work with SmartThings Find and will be a full-fledged smartwatch in terms of functionality - especially paying. Price?

Watch 4 Classic:46mm PLN 179942mm PLN 1649

Watch 4 classic LTE:46mm PLN 199942mm PLN 1849

Watch 4:44mm PLN 129940mm PLN 1169

Watch 4 LTE:44mm PLN 151940mm PLN 1399

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Pre-sale of all products shown at the premiere starts today at 4 p.m. and will last until August 26, midnight. From the 27th, the products will go on sale on a regular basis.

Samsung also showed other products at its conference - HERE you can read about the Galaxy Fold and Flip, and HERE - about the new Buds 2.

Did any of the devices shown today particularly catch your attention? Which of them will you choose?

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