Samsung MX-T70 Power Audio?Everywhere, not in the apartment!(Test) Samsung MX-T70

Samsung MX-T70 Power Audio?Everywhere, not in the apartment!(Test) Samsung MX-T70

We invite you to theSamsung MX-T70 test!Will the largest Power Audio set of this brand replace the classic sound system and why is its element ... Sale Fintess?

Power Audio sets are something that I have been trying to understand for some time and so far I have not managed to jump from their categorization in the drawer "Overgrown Wireless Speaker" for "real audio equipment".

I understand the idea of such a device that is to ensure maximum power, cool goodies, karaoke and stuff it all in a relatively small space with maximally simplified service.The problem is that so far I have not been able to meet with such power audio, which, apart from erasing power and trinkets, would play at least like a decent soundbar.Yes, they will be loud, but it is better not to mention the quality of the sound itself ...

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

However, when the possibility of testing equipment with a sound nameSamsung Power Audio MX-T70 appeared, I did not think about a moment!I thought right away: maybe I unnecessarily crushed into smaller sets and you have to try something from a higher shelf?

The more thatSamsung was often able to surprise with solid sound and not only where the cooperation with Harman appeared!

Are you curious, as much as possible Power Audio from the Korean portfolio is doing in a manic test?We start!

Samsung MX-T70: Specification

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

For nothing in the world I have no idea howSamsung added 1500 W, which is supposedly to be generated by this unit - but the power audio category probably has its own laws and let us optimistically, that apart from the power we have the added number of calories there, which is needed for efficient transferthis model.

I will add that only half of the above statement is a joke, because the speaker is heavy and weighs over 26 kg, which means that you will not take it from yes, under the armpit, and you will not move in place to place.

Certainly, the presence of APTX codeka, the possibility of connecting two microphones and a wide control spectrum - a remote control, application or finally a touch panel on the upper part of the device.

The design of the "interior" of this model is interesting because it provides a two -way sound to fill the entire space in which it was set.The speakers placed on both sides of the front cause that the music should propagate not in front of the listener, but on both sides.An interesting fact is the subwoofer membrane built horizontally - thanks to this its sound is to be upright.

Samsung MX-T70: oświetlenie w nóżkach / fot.techmaniakSamsung MX-T70: oświetlenie w nóżkach (2) / fot.techmaniak

Samsung has also implemented here various lighting modes, such as Party, Ambient, Dance, Thunder Bolt and Star, which we can manage through the application.The party mode will enrich the possibility of connecting up to 10 devices into one playing system and I suspect that even a combo consisting of two T70 is able to start a real outdoor concert.

The speaker is quite expensive, because for the MX-T70 we will pay 1999 PLN: on the one hand, as for a mobile column, it is a lot, on the other, the competitive JBL Power PartyBox 310 is more expensive by PLN 200, andSamsung looks like a heavyweight player with it, combined with average.

Samsung MX-T70

od: 2.000 zł »więcej informacji »

Construction and quality of workmanship

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

The speaker is packed in a powerful box, which under a layer of foam and a special polystyrene form protects it from accidental damage.

Contrary to appearances, it is very important, because couriers work alone and do not demand from them either Hercules strength or special patience.However, I have to say that when I got to me from the T70 and I saw how the packet (because the packaging is so great that when we deepen happiness we would stuff the mask and the bear), I was overwhelmed with the pavement, I froze and quickly came to help the courier.

Fortunately, the MX-T70 turned out to be intact, although the packaging looked really boring-but this is at least a clear sign thatSamsung's electronics is so solidly packed that its Polish, Cambodian or Romanian postal services are not afraid!

Samsung MX-T70 Power Audio? Wszędzie, oby nie w mieszkaniu! (TEST)Samsung MX-T70

After unpacking the speaker (and I admit that for safety I asked for help from a colleague from the office) it was time for his inspection and configuration.

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

I will repeat myself, but this device is gigantic and raises respect for sizes and weight!Nearly 90 cm high is a lot, and a significant weight (just over 26 kg) makes it difficult to maneuvering the set sensible.I do not belong to toddlers, but moving the speaker in one hand over a longer distance is nothing pleasant, because you burn it on your leg.Two hands?It is also uncomfortable, because both handles placed on the back wall are closer to the center rather than the edge of the column.

It is difficult for me to understand whySamsung did not decide on any wheels that would allow you to move the T70 efficiently - I know that they do not look good, but the competition successfully uses them and I can assume that most users prefer even a slightly worse design, but for thisEasy transport that you do not need to engage an additional person.

The front of the speaker is covered with a metal grille, whose large eyes allow us to observe its center and it is not only about watching the work of the membranes, but above all about the lighting effects to make the party more enjoyable.The source of colorful lights are the legs of the device (each has its own LEDs) and its interior at the height of half the column.

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

At the top we will find a small display, on which we will see, for example, the name of a paired smartphone, sound/lighting mode or the title of the song played - a small thing, and enjoys and realistically increases the pleasure of using Power Audio.

A control panel was placed under the display and here applause for the manufacturer for the fact that it was covered with rubber -like plastic, thanks to which he is not afraid of accidental flooding or splashing.We will find 7 large, physically pressed buttons on it, which work with a clear click and can be easily operated even in a party mess.Their description can be found in the next paragraph, but here I focus on the construction of the whole device.

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

A lot is happening on the back panel and it is the hidden speaker command center.We will find there:

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

A nice addition is a remote control, allowing you to conveniently use the speaker without the need for a smartphone.

As for the quality of workmanship,Samsung did a great job here, although a few small things were not overcome.The quality of the plastics is really high quality and you can even resist on the column - nothing creaks here, there are no gaps, and the whole is surprisingly compact and stable.

However, the metal grille is sensitive to impacts and you have to watch out for it.It is not the manufacturer's fault, but simply a feature of this kind of solutions that attractive appearance is paid for.

Rubberized materials are also of high quality, for over a month of testing I did not notice the slightest signs of wear on them.Unfortunately, such appeared on the legs of the device - the plastic casings managed to take a bit and it is worrying because I did not slide the columns on the ground.

I will not surprise you if I say that all plastics easily catch traces and fingerprints: thanks to the splashing of the upper part of the housing, we can quickly wipe it with a damp cloth.

Samsung MX-T70 is a well-equipped, stable, strong device, which, however, is sensitive to cosmetic threats (scratches, abrasions).Noteworthy is a clear display, simple evaporation, intuitive operation and many connection options.I am not convinced by the transport system!

Sterowanie i aplikacja doSamsung MX-T70

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

Samsung has a great thought of controlling the speaker control and we have three ways to choose from: a panel at the top of the device, remote control or application.I admit that I was most convenient to use the physical buttons mixture and the selection of songs on the smartphone.

As I have already mentioned, on the control panel we will find 7 buttons:

Important note: holding Play/Pause for 5 seconds causes demo mode (on), in which the speaker almost begins to play a full rumba from hell and shine like a carriage of a gypsy king!Brick impressions, especially if someone triggers accidentally - there is no chance not to pick up all the household on the legs.

It is a nice convenience for this that longer holding louder/quieter is significantly accelerated by power regulation and is more convenient than stubborn clicking.

On the back of the T70 we will find 3 buttons to call evaporation, create a stereo mode with a second speaker or pair up to 10 devices in group mode (wireless and wired option possible).

The second column control method is the remote control attached to the set, which although it does not look the most modern, it fulfills its task well.

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

The third road is theSamsung Sound Tower application, which not only allows you to take control of playback or volume, it also adds lighting control options or DJ mode!

I like the fact that apart from the fun offered by the app, we will find a great virtual remoteaccess to them 😉

AplikacjaSamsung Sound TowerAplikacjaSamsung Sound Tower (2)AplikacjaSamsung Sound Tower (3)AplikacjaSamsung Sound Tower (4)AplikacjaSamsung Sound Tower (5)AplikacjaSamsung Sound Tower (6)

Thanks to the Sound Power, we can easily indicate the sound source for power audio, we will take control of the digital remote control, look at advanced settings, adjust the color of light modes, play DJ and use filters/sound effects, reconstruct the songs from our own smartphone on the column.

Samsung MX-T70: Everything is playing, buzzing, trembling and shining!

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

The first firing T70 was a shock for me: I had no idea that it could play so loud and bass!If I had to use the simplest comparison, then the capabilities of the columns bring to mind what multicine sound system can do than what we expect from home audio equipment.

This is a powerful sound, focused on the effects of low and long vibrating bass-there is no chance that you can listen to something at MX-T70, for example, during cleaning at home.The speaker is physically unable to reproduce even a relatively natural sound: each note is conquered here with a bass kick and I fully agree withSamsung that it is a party beast.

Unfortunately, just the aforementioned party slope causes the fact that the column is not suitable for home use every day ... The device is so tuned that even without bass mode it begins to sound fairly transparent at a high level of volume, which prevents any listening toSamsung in the background.

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

It follows that either MX-T70 is in the center of interest or ... does not exist.And so it is in fact - if you think that this device will also work as equipment playing in a typical apartment or home, don't even delude yourself.None of this: you have to give him a leading place during a house or outdoor playing, otherwise he will only irritate you.

I checked the sound of the speaker in a room about 20 m2, about 50 m2, in a large gym and in the open air and I will say directly - it worked best in a large training room, where he added energy to exercise.The smaller the room, the worse and the less legible sound - but in the fresh air it turned out that the ordinary mode lacks bass, while bass boost only works in close proximity to the device.

It seems that the natural element ofSamsung MX-T70 may not necessarily be a house in a typical Polish estate, but rather a training room or a party in the home garden.

If you are wondering why I devoted so little space to light effects, I will give some photos.

This is a visualization from the officialSamsung website:

Samsung MX-T70: Visualization of effects / For.Samsung

And these are light effects "live":

Samsung MX-T70: efekty świetlne / fot.techmaniakSamsung MX-T70: efekty świetlne (2) / fot.techmaniakSamsung MX-T70: efekty świetlne (3) / fot.techmaniak

Czy warto kupić głośnikSamsung MX-T70?

Samsung mx-t70 / fot.techmaniak

Imprezowy głośnikSamsunga sprawił mi sporo dylematów i muszę zaznaczyć, że niezależnie od mojej oceny większość użytkowników doceni potężne brzmienie, które niemal wstrzymuje tętno słuchaczy.

However, I can't get rid of the impression that such a powerful power audio should be regulated - one young angry and half a frame in the block can forget about homemade mira.Both volume and physically felt bass brings to mind a truly cinema experience, full of effective bursts and bass murmurs.

CzySamsung MX-T70 nadaje się do mieszkania w bloku? Jeśli chcesz słuchać na nim muzyki na co dzień, zdecydowanie nie – brzmienie jest zbyt skoncentrowane na niskich tonach, ciemne i nosowe, a żeby było bardziej klarowne, musicie osiągnąć dużą głośność, co niekoniecznie przypadnie do gustu sąsiadom.

The device is solidly made, easy to use, mighty and epatalous bass, but on the other hand difficult to transport and beyond.

If you run a fitness club and are looking for sound system - great thing, but I would recommend a traditional stereo for houses, or - if you prefer modern solutions - something from Sonos's portfolio (Sonos One or Play: 5).

We only assess the Samsung MX-T70 as a party speaker.If you think about listening to music at home, subtract at least 2 points from our rating.

Ocena końcowa testu [1-10]: 7.0


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