Dimensity 2000 will be built like Snapdragon 898 and similar to Exynos 2200

Dimensity 2000 will be built like Snapdragon 898 and similar to Exynos 2200

About the Dimensity 2000 system, which is to be a competition for the still unrelated Snapdragon 898, has been said for a few pretty months.The latest reports confirm the basic technical data of this chipset and add new details.

The first report about Dimensity 2000, the MediaTEK chipset, which is to be a direct competition for Snapdragon 898 of Qualcomm, appeared in January.However, the most important technical data remained a mystery for a long time.It is known from leaks that this is a unit made in the 4 Nm TSMC process, in the latest ARMV9 architecture using a super efficient Cortex X2 core.Snapdragon 898, as well as Samsung - Exynos 2200, will be similarly constructed.

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Dimensity 2000 będzie zbudowany jak Snapdragon 898 i podobnie do Exynosa 2200

The latest Digital Chat Station reports confirm these arrangements, and also add new details.The main single core is actually Cortex X2 clocked at 3 GHz (30% more power compared to X1), while the next-according to ARMV9-these are three Cortex-A710 cores for tasks with medium complications (possible clock speed of 2.5 GHz, 30% more than the predecessor of Cortex-A78) and four Cortex-A510 with the lowest efficiency, but energy-saving (35% more power than the predecessor of Cortex-A55).

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GPU Mali-G710 MC10 is to be responsible for graphics processing.It is a graphic unit replacing the MALI-G78 GPU and providing 20% higher efficiency, 20% greater energy efficiency and 35% faster machine learning.

Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200 will have a very similar configuration, with the Samsung system AMD RDNA2 will be used.Most important, however, MediaTek for the first time in history will be able to establish a balanced fight with competitors, because even the top Dimensity 1200 now gives way to the parameters of Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 systems..Now this difference will not be theoretically (or will be clearly reduced).

The premiere of Dimensity 2000 is to take place either at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2022.The latter date is more likely due to deficiencies on the market of integrated circuits and related delays among manufacturers.

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Source of photos: MediaTek

Text source: GSM Arena, Digital Chat Station

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