On the Samsung Galaxy S22 you will play with ray tracing. It's almost certain

On the Samsung Galaxy S22 you will play with ray tracing. It's almost certain

In June, Samsung officially confirmed the partnership with AMD. Its fruit is to be the implementation of advanced RDNA 2 graphics in the upcoming system from the Exynos line.

At that time, it could only be presumed that cooperation meant e.g. support for ray tracing technology in the next flagship. This has now been confirmed.

Samsung announces: ray tracing will go to smartphones. For the first fire, probably the Galaxy S22

The Chinese branch of Samsung boasted that the ray tracing technology will land on smartphones thanks to the new graphics in the Exynos chips. It is true that no specific phone has been indicated, but everything indicates that the Galaxy S22 will be the first.

What is ray tracing? Samsung promotes this technology with a static image that does not fully reflect what we are talking about. This solution consists in the precise analysis of light rays, thus generating realistic lighting or reflections. Using this technology, it is possible to obtain almost photorealistic graphics.

You can play with ray tracing on Samsung Galaxy S22 It's almost certain

Until now, ray tracing has been reserved for PCs and consoles, so the debut of such advanced technology in smartphones is a really big thing.

The only question is whether Samsung will be able to take care of a large library of ray-traced games

For the game to use the graphic potential of the Galaxy S22, it will have to be properly optimized. As initially, ray tracing will only reach a small percentage of players, rather not every publisher will decide on such a move.

However, if ray tracing is the marketing locomotive of the Galaxy S22, you can expect Samsung to partner with at least a few major studios. Koreans have a good relationship with Epic Games, so I won't be surprised if Fortnite gets exclusive graphical upgrades.

The premiere of the Galaxy S22 series — according to unofficial reports — is to take place at the beginning of next year.

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