Do you think you have the worst?See "backdoor - emergency exit"

Do you think you have the worst?See "backdoor - emergency exit"

The comedy series "Backdoor - an emergency exit" debuts on Polsat Box..This is the perfect entertainment for Poles in the trap.There was no such production in Poland yet and that is why it's worth taking a look!

"Backdoor - an emergency output" consists of 10 episodes with a length of 22 minutes.This is not a typical comedy.Each episode consists of 5-7 scenes played by actors as if it was a normal film, not a sketch.

Stories are brave morals, there is sex, drugs, crime and death.At the same time, the stories are simple, even mundane.Before the premiere, I had the pleasure of watching the first two episodes.I am convinced that every viewer will find a figure or a situation with which he has something to do.

This unusual design results from the origin of the series.The prototype is the online sketch of the Brazilian Porta Dos Fundos/Backdoor group, published on YouTube.There are well over a thousand in the network, of which 89 stories were selected for the needs of the Polish series.The form of short sketches is difficult by condensing content, but it perfectly matches the requirements of the modern audience, watching "in the meantime" on mobile devices.

"Backdoor - emergency exit": cast and production

Myślisz, że masz najgorzej? Zobacz „Backdoor – wyjście awaryjne”

The production of the Cyfrowy Polsat and Viacomcbs and Polot Media under the leadership of Paweł Bińek is responsible for the production.The director is Sindre Sandemo, and the main screenwriter Damian Nowakowski - one of the most experienced comedy screenwriters in our country.The series "Kasia and Tomek", "Honey Lat" and "Camera Cafe" came out from under his pen.

Główni aktorzy to: Karolina Bacia, Tomasz Borkowski, Wojciech Brzeziński, Sebastian Cybulski, Justyna Ducka, Katarzyna Kołeczek, Marcin Korcz, Paweł Koślik, Maciej Nawrocki, Bartosz Obuchowicz, Szymon Roszak, Olga Sarzyńska, Magda Smalara, Przemek Stippa, Anna Szymańczyk.

"Backdoor - emergency exit" can be seen from today in Polsat Box Go, in the Polsat Box Go Premium subscription for PLN 30 for 30 days.In 2022, the series will also appear on Super Polsat and Comedy Central.I think he can be a worthy successor to the late "comic cyclic section" and he will not surprise me at all, if some quotes enter pop culture.

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