Charging smart bands without cables and induction chargers.Xiaomi impressed me with a brilliant patent

Charging smart bands without cables and induction chargers.Xiaomi impressed me with a brilliant patent

Patryk Korzeniecki • Long ago • 35 comments

This is how every smartband should be charged!

Smart bands, like everything that is powered by batteries.Such devices can withstand weeks without charging, so no one pays attention to how the battery capacity is supplemented.

I was one of these people.My approach changed when I had a battery in the band several times during a longer trip. Jestem niesamowicie do niej przyzwyczajony — bez opaski jak bez ręki.Someone could say that I could take a charging cable.You only see, with very rare charging, man quickly forgets such things.

That's why I had the idea of Xiaomi so much

I recently got a band Mi Band 4c.This is quite a basic model, without water fountains.But you can read more about him in the upcoming review.

Ładowanie smart opasek bez kabli i ładowarek indukcyjnych. Xiaomi zaimponowało mi genialnym patentem

The band has no contacts on the housing typical of dressed devices.You will not find an induction coil in it, especially since it is a cheaper model.So how can it be charged?

The trail appears on the bottom, with the attachment of one of the stripes.There is a lightning icon there.Xiaomi killed me a nice stud, but the instruction explained everything to me.

Xiaomi in the belt mounting hid the charging plugin.Seemingly it is a peculiar standard, but it turns out that it is a regular USB type A.The manufacturer, however, decided to remove pins corresponding to data transmission and left the fields for power and mass.

Ładowanie opaski według Xiaomi — czemu tak się tym zachwycam?

We charge the band, connecting it to any USB socket.You don't need any additional cables, special power supplies or induction chargers.Brilliant in its simplicity and at the same time surprisingly practical.

Thanks to this, we will recharge it to everyone and everywhere. Nie musimy zabierać ze sobą żadnych dodatkowych przewodów oraz ładowarek, co mi jest bardzo na rękę — i tak wożę ze sobą mnóstwo elektroniki, więc każdy kabelek mniej jest na wagę złota.Besides, this is a great option for forgetful.


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