Android with iOS 14 style widgets. A new function in Action Launcher

Android with iOS 14 style widgets. A new function in Action Launcher

iOS 14 is the first version of the system for iPhone, which allows you to place widgets directly on desktops.Apple added this function 11 years after Google, but he would not be himself if he did not add a handful of ideas from himself.

An interesting and practical solution is the pile of widgets, which allows you to apply several widgets on each other and switch between them with a brush of the finger.Thanks to this, several widgets take only one place on the desktop.

A similar solution on Android?No problem.

Action Launcher 47 introduces piles of widgets

Android z widżetami w stylu iOS 14. Nowa funkcja w Action Launcherze

Modeled on iOS 14, the function went to the latest test version of the popular launcher.Just hold your finger on the desktop, click "Widgets" and select "Widget Stack" from the widgets list.Now it is enough to choose the widgets to be applied.

The switching between the widgets is smooth and comfortable.Action Launcher 47, however, is in the beta phase, so not everything is yet attached to the last button.My observations show that some long widgets are not displayed, although the vast majority work properly.

To download the test version of Action Launcher, join the beta program here, and then download version 47 from the Play Store.

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